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Hey! What's your full name, please? (In case you don't know, our name is Bodhi, and we train people to become meditation coaches to deepen their practice, share their wisdom with the world, and get to £3k - £10k a month as a meditation coach. 

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What's your best email address? We will send your application review to the email address that you can enter below. 

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What's the best phone number to contact you on (please include the country code) 

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What is your motivation to become a Bodhi Meditation Coach? 

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If you became a meditation coach what are your goals in the next 6/12 months? 

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Cool! We've helped hundreds of coaches become meditation teachers and follow their passion. Tell us a bit about the business you are thinking of building. (If you don't know right now, you can share that, too. We can point you in the right direction.)


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Now... what would you say is your current business goal? You might put, "Make my first £3k in sales," or "Make £10k consistently a month," or even "Create a 6-figure business in the next 12 months." 


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And what's holding you back? What are your biggest blocks and challenges right now? 

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One year from now, what needs to happen for you to be happy with your progress?

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I know we've only met, and this is a personal question, but this will help us pinpoint you in the right direction. How would you best describe your financial situation right now? 



I need money - I don't have any financial resources to invest, that's why I'm starting a business.


I plan to self-fund and will find a way to follow my passion.


I have the financial resources to invest in my life and business transformation.

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Please share links to your social media pages so we can connect.

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Do you have any other certifications?

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How did you initially find out about us? 












Awaken Your Spirit Book


I've been following Brett Moran for years!



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Anything else you would like us to know? (we receive countless applications but only accept 100 students on the Bodhi Meditation Traiing Program. The more you share with us, the better we can serve you! 

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