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The 4 Keys To Mental, Emotional, Spiritual & Financial Freedom!

Hosted by Brett Moran @ Bodhi Yoga


What You'll Learn 

1. Join 100 people for a powerful group meditation and master your monkey-mind (this is the exact meditation Brett's uses every day!)

2. Reduce stress and anxiety in 5 minutes or less using our powerful Bodhi Breathing exercises that guarantee peace and happiness 

3. Learn how to rise above the unwanted feelings that overwhelm you and drag you down into depressing moods and wake up lighter 

4. Practice a simple mindfulness technique that can help you watch your mind like a witness so that you can clear negative cobwebs and focus 

5. Get more clarity around your purpose  in life and learn how to break free from the system so that you can follow your goosebumps and wake up happier 

6 Discover how to become a certified meditation coach and work for yourself anywhere in the world - plus learn how to get clients to happily pay you for your services

7. Get a personal invite to join the Bodhi Business and learn how to make a passive income and put more money into your bank account each month

8. Find your inner spark and remember who you are so you can create more joy, fulfilment and freedom in your life for you and your family

And so much more...  

Win A FREE Seat At Our Next Meditation And Breathwork Teacher Training Course (Worth £2,000)    

At the end of the master class, one lucky winner will win a FREE space on our next 10-week meditation and breathwork teacher training course. So if you want to release limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind and make a positive change in your life, join the free masterclass and sign up now!     

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Hosted by Brett Moran @ Bodhi Yoga