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Become A Certified Bodhi Meditation Coach. Get Paid To Help People And Work From Anywhere In The World 

(Without Working Long Hours In A Job That Sucks!)  


Introducing The Bodhi 
Teacher Training Course

There is no better feeling in the world than having a greater sense of purpose, more freedom to do the things you love and getting paid good money to help people grow. Imagine deepening your meditation practice and turning your passion into a lifestyle you love. Wouldn't it feel amazing to earn extra income, quit your day job, travel, become a full-time meditation coach and work from anywhere in the world?

If you've been rethinking your career or looking for new ways to make a living without burning out, we have something new and exciting for you! The 10-week Bodhi Meditation Teacher Training Course will train you to become a confident meditation coach, show you how to guide meditations, get new clients, run retreats, write books, build online courses, and much more. You are one click away from more freedom! Apply now.

Honest Reviews From Past Students...

"I have been looking for the right course over the last year and I definitely found it with Bodhi. I have loved everything about this course - the team, the ambassadors and the buddies have made it a fantastic experience. The meditations, exercises and tools learned are amazing and will without a doubt add significantly to the service I already provide. I'm getting great feedback already. Highly recommended" 

~ Olive Murphy ~

 "I feel like an unstoppable force of love, happiness and confidence. I am changing lives and helping people thrive and what I know is now I create my own future and I am the only one who ever held it back! I am one, I love, I am free. This journey is only at the start and that is a buzz in itself. Anything is possible, people absolutely anything. Thank you to the whole Bodhi team absolute life-changers."

~ Shane Cooke ~

"I felt the drive to take the 10-week Awaken Your Spirit course after listening to one of Brett's workshops. The fire inside to commit to the daily practice and Sunday workshops became greater as time went on. The more I learned and used it, the more I learned about myself and the desire the go further with it has grown as well. I’m excited about where this path will now take me and I’ve committed to being an ambassador. The tribe I’ve joined is truly amazing and I can hardly remember what my spirit was like before I began this awakening journey."

~ Michelle Donnelly ~

Benefits Of Becoming A Bodhi Meditation Coach:

  • Work from anywhere in the world (Thailand is our favourite choice!).
  • Help others grow and finally do something you enjoy with purpose.
  • Deepen your practice and share it with others in pursuit of a career that lights you up.
  • Create coaching programs and online courses and reach thousands of people. 
  • Get new clients and earn extra income doing something you love.
  • Create a fulfilling career that aligns with your soul's purpose
  • Boost your confidence to guide meditation one-to-one at retreats and festivals.
  • Help your family and clients get stronger mentally and emotionally.
  • Earn a higher salary and work less hours, making a positive impact. 
  • Enjoy more time and freedom with family and friends.
  • Make a bigger contribution and follow your calling.
  • Improve your mental well-being with a daily meditation practice.
  • Make life more meaningful and enjoy the adventure ahead.

Module #1 Meditation Training 

In module one, Brett Moran will guide you through the eight powerful Bodhi meditation practices that he has shared with thousands of people worldwide. The Bodhi meditations will show you how to master your monkey mind so you can master your life and create profound transformation. Each week, you will learn how to stop overthinking, manage your emotions, unclutch from the negative stories, visualise your new self and activate higher levels of consciousness so that you feel calm, confident and free. 

Module #2 The Art Of Teaching 

In module two, you will learn how to guide the Bodhi meditations using the Bodhi meditation scripts confidently. Each week you will discover what it takes to be a great leader, practice teaching with your Bodhi Buddy and learn how to create your teaching style. By the end of the Bodhi mediation teacher training course, you will have the confidence and inspiration to share your message and natural gifts and talents with the world, create coaching programs, run workshops, host retreats and spread mediation around the globe.   

Module #3 Bodhi Breathwork

In module three, you will learn the eight powerful Bodhi breathing exercises that can instantly help people clear their minds, reduce stress and anxiety and feel calm and collective. Learn how to guide breathwork sessions one-to-one and in groups and help your friends and clients sink into a safe space using the Bodhi breathing techniques that have helped thousands of people. You will practice each breathing exercise with Brett and feel the benefits immensely. 


Module #4 The Bodhi Business 

In module four, you will learn the ins and outs of what it takes to set up your own mediation coaching business. You will learn proven marketing strategies to help you get new clients, build online courses, write books, inspire thousands of people, and create passive income. Boost your confidence to run your own workshops and retreats, learn how to travel and work from anywhere in the world, and earn extra income helping people while doing something you love.  

Module #5 Sound Healing

In module five, you will learn how to switch and fully surrender so that you can heal, raise your vibration and step into your power as a meditation coach. This module is about your personal transformation and awakening your spirit so you can heal and remove any blocks. Each week, Brett and guests will play crystal and Tibetan bowls, chant and sing, and play the drums to raise your frequency to the highest level. It's time to sink into your essence, soothe your soul and melt your mind.


What’s Included? 

When you join the Bodhi Meditation movement today, you will receive access to the following: 
  • 5 hours of life-changing content every week for 10 weeks to show you how to guide meditation and breathwork sessions, how to master your thoughts and emotions, and how to feel confident to share your voice with the world and get paying clients.  
  • 8 Bodhi signature meditations and breathwork techniques that will show you (and your clients) how to instantly empty the mind, reduce stress and anxiety, clear past traumas, boost your self-worth and ignite more love and confidence.  
  • Powerful visualization techniques to help you (and your clients) tap into the best version of yourself and ignite pure positive energy so you can become the person screaming to get out of you as you reach your full potential and create your best life. 
  • You will become a certified Bodhi Meditation and Breathwork coach and learn how you can build a meditation and coaching business, work from anywhere in the world, and help others awaken to their highest self as you get paid to do something you absolutely love.

Becoming A Bodhi Meditation Coach Is Definitely For You if:

  • You are thinking about what you could start doing for a living and you are willing to invest in yourself and your career 
  • You are at a crossroads and need to make the move from your current job into a new life with an incredible work-life balance
  • You would love something to compliment your coaching qualification, yoga teacher training, reiki practice, or therapy business 
  • You see yourself as being a leader who can take students deeper, and you will step it up and stand out for humanity  
  • You are ready to go on a deeper journey, totally reset your mind, and break free from the mainstream madness!
  • Now is the time for you to make changes, and finally stick to them so you can design the lifestyle you want and enjoy more freedom
  • You want to be a help to society and if people are struggling, they can come to you for guidance (and turn this into a full-time occupation) 

Get Clarity & Confidence To Take Next Step  

In 10 weeks, you will become a qualified Bodhi Meditation Coach with a group of like-minded people who have a passion for helping others and want to create more freedom, income and purpose in their lives. The Bodhi meditation teacher training course will show you how to become more confident with people so I can guide meditation, coach them through challenges, start your own business, and work from anywhere in the world. 











3 Reasons Why The World Needs You To Become A Meditation Coach

  1. Show your clients how to master their minds so they can finally master their lives. Help them fall in love with meditation and the Bodhi experience (even if they’ve struggled with meditation in the past). 
  2. Guide your friends and family into deeper states of meditation safely, helping them reduce stress and anxiety and get control over their thoughts and feelings.
  3. Create more freedom in your life and break free from limiting beliefs and negative thinking so that you can inspire others to reach their full potential. 

In this world-class teacher training, you will:

  • Be trained with a comprehensive toolbox of the most influential and evidence-based meditation, pranayama and coaching techniques.
  • Have the skills to prepare your clients to go deeper with the more powerful and intense meditation and breathwork sessions for a safer and more therapeutic experience.
  • Help your clients create rapid and lasting liberation from past traumas, chronic pain and trapped negative emotions.
  • Become skilled and confident in creating lifelong results and relationships with your clients.
  • Build a foundation to create a long-term sustainable income that is both rewarding and lucrative.
  • Quickly and confidently design a meditation coaching package for your clients and take them on a life-changing journey of personal transformation. 
  • Guide your clients to restore personal balance, activate self-healing, and reach THEIR optimal health.

Book A Call Now And Speak To Someone About Becoming A Bodhi Meditation Coach 

Speak to someone who has experienced the power and transformation of the Bodhi Meditation Course first-hand. Get answers to any questions about joining Bodhi and how you can start a new career as a certified Bodh mediation coach. Book a call now and discover why now is the BEST time to make the changes you want and why this EXACT training system is perfect for you if you’re someone who is ready for a new way of life.