Over 200 people have qualified as meditation teachers with Brett Moran and Bodhi Yoga...

Become A Certified Meditation Coach In 10-Weeks
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Become A Certified Meditation Teacher With Brett Moran  

Would you like to learn more about meditation and deepen your practice? In this 10-week online course you will develop a deeper understanding about meditation and personal transformation. This course will help you take control of your mental and emotional - plus reduce stress and anxiety so that you can break free from negative cycles. 


Discover Your Purpose And Follow Your Calling

Receive 75-hours continued education with Yoga Alliance when you finish the course. Place the Bodhi logo on your website! and attract new clients!   


What You'll Get... 

  • Over 50-hours of meditation training with Brett Moran to help you master your thoughts and create a healthy mindset

  • 8 life-changing 'Bodhi Meditations' that are designed to clear your mind and awaken your positive energy

  • 75-hours continued education certificate with Yoga Alliance to add to your yoga training portfolio 

  • Become a certified Bodhi Meditation Teacher and learn how you can help others awaken and get paid to do something you love
  • A Bodhi Buddy who will coach you and support you to help you stay focused and committed to your practice 
  • Lifetime access to the Bodhi Membership filled with motivational videos, meditation Mp3's and transcripts

  • Join a positive community of people who want to learn and grow together
  • Training to help you get your first client when you follow our business workshops

  • A Bodhi Ambassador who has been through the course twice and will support you on your journey 
  • Access to our private WhatsApp group so you can meet likeminded people who will support you and keep you accountable 

  • Exclusive invite to the Bodhi private Facebook group

  • Bonus programs worth £899 (see below) that will help you keep a clear head with laser focus! 

And much more... 

Here's What Dee Had To Say After Becoming Certified Teacher  

Dee became a certified Bodhi Meditation Teacher with 150 other students and loved it! Dee got two new clients before the course ended and has started her online business sharing the meditations. 


What You'll Learn Each Week 

  • Over the course of 10-weeks you will practice and study 8 life-changing Bodhi Meditations that can improve your mental and emotional health.
  • You'll learn powerful breathing techniques that can instantly reduce stress and anxiety and make you feel clear headed and calm. 
  • You'll discover how to remove limiting beliefs and follow your goosebumps with confidence 
  • You'll discover how to awaken your spirit and ignite your inner spark so that you can live with more joy, creativity and power.
  • You will boost your confidence to teach the Bodhi meditations to your friends, family, in classes, at retreats or in 121 coaching sessions. 
  • You'll rise above negative thoughts and unwanted feelings that drag you down into depressing moods
  • You're guaranteed to get more focus and clarity around your purpose and calling in life too! 
  • At the end of the training you'll become a certified meditation coach so you can work for yourself from anywhere in the world
  • You'll get training on how to get clients to happily pay you for 1-2-1 your services with The Bodhi Marketing Workshops!
  • Lastly, you'll get a personal invite to join the Bodhi Affiliates Team and learn how to make a passive income selling our course. We'll give you 50% commission and put more money into your bank account after the new Bodhi who signed up using you link passes the 30 day money back guarantee period! 

And so much more...  


 What Is The Bodhi Meditation Teacher Training Course?


Socrates once said that the unexamined life is not worth living. The Bodhi Meditation Course is designed to take you on a 10-week journey of self-discovery so that you can live beyond your limiting thoughts and awaken your spirit. 

Whether you are new to meditation, or you’ve been practicing longer than the Dalai Lama’s cat, you will learn how to master your mind and find a deeper level of inner peace and love. 

Why Become A Bodhi Meditation Teacher?


To know what a coconut tastes like you have to drink the coconut. The Bodhi Mediation Teacher Training Course is focused on raising your consciousness (awareness) so that you can taste more bliss and freedom in your life. Instead of hours of theory and debates about religion, Brett's teachings are passionate and practical so that you can instantly taste more freedom.

Learn how to live beyond your limited mind and remove self-sabotaging patterns. Plus, enter what Brett calls the emptiness, a place of pure oneness, a state of inner peace and cosmic consciousness! Sounds far fetched or too woo woo we know! But we guarantees after one taste of the Bodhi meditation you’ll become hooked!

You see, the reason why most people suffer and stay stuck in unwanted self-sabotaging patterns is because they are operating life from their old ego and conditioned programs that were wired into their brain at childhood. These programs create a limited view of the world and stop people living in more abundance and peace. 

Your life is a reflection of the stories programmed inside your head. Life is wrapping itself around your vibration (energy). From the amount of peace in your mind, love in your heart, money in your bank account, or freedom you feel each day - unless you change the stories in your head nothing will change in your day to day life. 

This course is for complete beginners who are looking to start their meditation journey and advanced practitioners looking to deepen their practice. If you truly want to be free, and live with more passion purpose and excitement, then you must awaken your power and empty your mind. You must go beyond your old programs and surrender to the blissful intelligence. 

Ready to go on a life-changing journey of self-discovery? If you want to live with an open heart and higher mind then we encourage you to join the Bodhi tribe below. This course is a step-by-step process for awakening and will help take control of your life and ignite your inner buzz!

Now more than ever before we need to wake up from the fog in society and take back our power. And the only way out is to look within. Join us for 10 incredible weeks and claim your freedom.

Become A Certified Meditation Teacher And Coach People From Anywhere In The World

Deepen your meditation practice and follow your purpose! Change your career and coach people from a mobile phone so that you can create more time, energy and freedom in your life! 


Honest Reviews From Past Students...


"I signed up for this course hoping to learn more about meditation. I didn't realise how life changing it would be! By the second week I had decided I did want to become a coach. I have got rid of some limiting beliefs, am sleeping better, got rid of my anxiety and I am a much calmer and grounded person. I am so grateful I felt the fear and did this! I have found my Dharma!" 

Christine Doherty

"Just completed the 10 week Bodhi Meditation teaching training. This was one of the most amazing things I ever done. I mean life changing, I've never felt as at peace and freedom like this before.. even though I've been dealing with some life challenges. I absolutely loved it and cant wait until the next chapter. LOTS OF LOVE"

Charleen Donnelly 

10 The Benefits Of Becoming A Bodhi Meditation Coach  

1 - Learn how to take control of your monkey-mind so that you can stop getting overwhelmed and think more clearly.

2 - Become a certified meditation coach and help people heal as you get paid to do something you love. 

3 - Reduce stress and anxiety so that you can find more inner peace than the Dalai Lama's cat! 

4 - Discover your calling in life and begin to live with more passion and purpose as you help others awaken.

5 - Break free from societies negativity and start to create your own path, one full of adventure and freedom. 

6 - Create a passive income and work from anywhere in the world with more time and freedom. 

7 - Get lifetime access to your membership course filled with videos, Mp3's and transcripts to follow along. 

8 - Become a 'Bodhi Affiliate' and start making an extra money so that you can work less hours and get paid more cash. 

9 - Awaken your personal power and connect to something bigger than societies bullshit and feel high on life. 

10 - Deepen your meditation practice and sink into your essence as you reconnect to your higher power and oneness. 

Work With Us And Make Extra Money Each Month Plus Earn An All Expenses Paid Yoga Retreat In Thailand  


Wouldn't it be amazing to create a passive income and make an extra £500? a month or £10,000 a year? Imagine how relaxed your mind would be and how secure you would feel when extra money is deposited into your bank account. When you join the Bodhi tribe you get the opportunity to become an affiliate and sell our online courses. This means you simply share a link on your social media account, with your friends and family, or to your email list, and we'll take care of the rest. You get 50% commission for every sale made and your money is put into your bank account after the 30-day guarantee period. Sell two course and you've got your money back! No marketing experience necessary

Students Are Already Making A Passive Income

Take a look at the screen shot below. We give a generous 50% commission!


Is This Training For You? 


If you want to take a journey of personal transformation and get more control in your life this course is for you! You do not need to be practicing yoga or meditation to join this course or even tech savvy. If you want to dig deeper and balance the thoughts and emotions in you so that you can live in more bliss and freedom this course is for you!


If you feel drawn to help others and want to become a certified meditation coach so that you can make money doing something you love, and work from anywhere in the world, this course is for you too!


How Does The Course Work?


Studies prove that group meditations create a positive ripple effect. Each Sunday you will attend a 5-hour workshop and part of this will be a guided meditation with Brett. Last month we had over 60 people meditate together and the energy was amazing. You will also be teamed up with a Bodhi Buddy and practice meditations during the week so that you can receive honest and encouraging feedback, feel confident to teach, lead classes and coach clients.


Here's What Anthony Had To Say After Becoming Certified Teacher  

Anthony expanded his consciousness and joined the 10-week teacher training program with his 12 year old daughter. 


Receive £899 In Exclusive Bonuses

Sign up today to claim 3 incredible BONUS gifts that can radically awaken your spirit and keep you more focused and bang on track with your purpose in life!  

Bonus Gift #1

8 Month Coaching
Worth £500

Imagine getting more focus and direction in your life so that you can make better decisions and feel in control of your future. When you sign up today you get Brett's 8-month coaching program Transfrom Your Destiny to keep you bang on track with your goals! 

BONUS Gift #2

Authentic Marketing 
Workshop Worth £300

Do you want to make a passive income and make extra money? Imagine selling course's and reaching people all around the world! When you sign up today you'll be invited to an exclusive marketing workshop with Brett so that you can sell with passion and authenticity! 


4-Week Meditation Course Worth £99

To really master your monkey-mind your need a mentor. Learn how to observe your thoughts and reduce anxiety the easy way! When you sign up today you get Brett's 4-week meditation course The Meditation Mentor  to keep you bang on track with your goals! 


Get £899 in bonus gifts plus a 30-day money back guarantee! 

Meet Your Teacher 

Brett Moran is a published author, modern-day yogi and online entrepreneur. He's been meditating for twenty years since his first wake up call in prison. Through meditation and self-study, Brett found a better way to create more freedom in life and now he coaches people like you who want to wake up and create more abundance and joy. Brett lives in Thailand working from his mobile sipping fresh coconuts.

Meet Your Tribe 

Over 150 have certified with Bodhi Yoga to become a meditation teacher. Many of them are working 121 with clients and teaches classes and workshops. More and more people are turning to meditation to improve their mental and emotional health and we'd love you to join us. Our free trainings are a great place to start and learn and grow together so that you can break free from negativity and discvoer your full potential. Sign up below to learn more.


Here's What Laura Had To Say After Becoming Certified Teacher  

Laura said its been an incredible 10-weeks and that she loved every minute if it!


Want To Know More...?

Do I Really Need To Join This Course? 

Take a moment stop. Pause. Take a few deeper breaths. Now ask yourself, are you really happy with where you are in life or would you like more? Are you producing the results you want? From your mental-health and happiness, to the love you feel, even the money in your bank account. Do you feel like you life is a celebration full of wonder and joy a life sentence and you feel trapped? If you are sick and tired of repeating unwanted patterns and want more from life this course is certainly for you. 

How Much Do I Have To Give Up For It? 

The course is a 10-week program. We meet once a week, every Sunday for a 5-hour workshop. Brett will personally guide you through meditations, life-changing mantras and powerful concepts to help shift your mindset to a higher and more positive states. You will also be teamed up with a Bodhi Buddy and practice meditations together during the week. These sessions are 30-minutes each way. The total hours required to become a certified Bodhi meditation teacher are 75-hours over the course of 10-weeks. Give us 75-hours and we’ll show you how to master your mind and create a lifetime of freedom. 

What Will It Cost?  

Brett paid over £5000 to fly to Thailand and become a yoga teacher. He has spent twenty years studying mindfulness and meditation with monks and teachers. And spent thousands of hours in silence meditating. The last thing he ever questioned was the cost of his freedom. But we live in a material world were money has some certain value and we all have to pay the bills (mainly Brett’s coconuts). Due to the current situation in the world you can get the early bird price until the 1st of April, 2021, and save £800. You can join the course for only £1,200! Plus you get over £899 in BOUNUS gifts and a 30-day money back guarantee. Test it out for a month and if it’s not your cup of tea we’ll give you a full refund!


Over 150 people certified as meditation teachers in the last 2 months with Brett Moran and Bodhi Yoga. Join us and awaken your spirit! 

Become A Certified Meditation Coach In 10-Weeks And Deepen Your Practice 

Go on an epic journey of self-discovery and discover how to create an extra income helping other people wake up!